Ulysse, 23, has just arrived at the Ferme du Bonheur. After more than 20 years of good and loyal service at a riding school, he was destined for the knackers’ yard. A person who had often ridden him heard about the plans, bought Ulysse and entrusted him to us.

Moritz, 3, came to the Ferme in September 2012. All his life, he had been locked up in the dark, in a shabby apartment with its shutters always closed. When the building was demolished, Moritz’ owner decided to abandon him in the streets but a neighbor stopped him and found a new home for Moritz at the Ferme.

Lady, 8, is one of the oldest inhabitants of the Ferme. A vet once found her on a rural road: a small piglet ‘lost in France’… She is a Piétrain; a breed that is known for lean, high quality meat. But at the Ferme, Lady is out of the butcher’s way.

Bouqui, 5, belonged to a scrap dealer who kept him in his office, as a pet. This billy-goat behaved like a loving dog but in the long run, the arrangement became too difficult to continue, so Bouqui was given to the Ferme.


To be continued